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57 Free ebook Articles 424Title: 57 Free ebook Articles
Category: E-Business
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Date Added: 2004-06-14

Table of Content:
Should I e-Publish?
More Ways To Really Benefit From Your Free Ebooks!
Creating Your Own E-book For Distribution
How To Get The Most From Your Free eBook Marketing Campaign!
Ebooks Your Future Income
Overcoming the fear of article writing
Time to Think Again About InfoProducts?
Killer Marketing with Ebooks
How to Successfully Sell Your Books on the Web
How This Mom Ended Up With a Career in Self-Publishing on the Internet
Yes, You CAN Write Articles!!
Ideas and Action
20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With eBooks!
Make Your Own Ebook
Unleash The Power Of Perpetual Marketing
How to price your ebook so that it sells and still makes a profit!
Promote Your eBooks
Writing for the Scrolling...


Free Cover Art Tutorial 205Title: Free Cover Art Tutorial
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Date Added: 2004-06-17

Right or wrong ... great marketers know the cover is a key trigger to make a book jump off the shelf.

Have you ever bought a book or magazine as you were walking to the checkout counter? A marketer, who knows book purchases are often impulsive decisions, put that book rack in your path to tempt you. Just think this impulse buying example is in the print world with a general audience ... you however are targeting web surfers who are known to be one of the most impulsive groups around. This makes it is easy to understand how adding a great cover can influence your target audience and explode your download rates by 318% or more.

You've come to the right place. We are going to show you step-by-step how to create your own professional covers. Actually, it is your...

81 MORE  Free ebook articles! 186Title: 81 MORE Free ebook articles!
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Date Added: 2004-06-14

Table of content:

A tip from an ebook junkie...
10 Easy Ways To Increase Your eBook's Size!
Building Your Business with FREE Tutorials
10 Ways To Make Money With Information!
15 Places To Find Your Next Info Product Idea!
Don't Envy The Gurus - Be One!
Choosing A Color Scheme
15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks!
Top 12 Tricks for Titles of your Articles
20 Questions To Ask Before Creating An eBook!
Cashing in on the eBook Craze!
Viral Marketing: 25 ideas for the Financially Challenged
The 3 "Be's" To Writing Articles
Create Someone Else's Content
Make Your E-zine Addictive!
3 E-Publishing Income Strategies!
Are You Where You Want To Be?
4 E-Information Product Selling Tips!
Copyright Those Documents!
The More You Tell, The More You...

How to Create an Automated eBay Money Machine 152Title: How to Create an Automated eBay Money Machine
Author: George Chapin
Category: E-Marketing
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Date Added: 2004-09-14

Quick Start Guide to Automated eBay Profits

1 - The Ultimate Home Based Business
2 - The Foundation For a Profitable Online/Auction Business
3 - Drop-Shipping: The No Risk Way To a Healthy Cashflow!
4 - Wholesale - and Far Below - Sources
5 - Professional Product Presentation and Killer Advertising Techniques!
6 - Lucrative Listings!
7 - Managing and Automating Your Online/Auction Business
8 - After the Auction - The Profits Continue!

Special Chapters - contributed by authors that have a demonstrated track record making huge profits with online auctions:

How To Double Your Auction Profits Overnight
Why You Must Start Selling To The Biggest Captive Sales Audience On The Internet
Interview with an Ex-Ebay employee
How To Get...

101 High Profit Businesses 131Title: 101 High Profit Businesses
Author: Terry Dean
Category: Business
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Date Added: 2004-10-09

If you have ever wanted to own your own profitable, low maintenance business, but just couldn't seem to figure out how to start one from scratch, then this product was created for you. We have come up with 101 of the best Internet Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Suggestions and put them all together in this one package...Read through this electronic book...Study it...Pick out businesses you could create online for high profits.

This product isn't just for beginners. We are also including ideas which you can use even if you already have a very successful business or web site. We are going to include profit models you can learn from. Every web site owner should find ways of bringing in multiple streams of income into their business...Use the ideas you find in here...